⊗ Welcome survivors!



:When she was about to turn a corner, Rei saw someone who was anything but the walking dead. She instantly took a step backwards, and bit her lip to stop herself from groaning out loud. Rei had, foolishly, assumed that the town was empty. "They" were one thing, but live people were a whole other shit-starter. You can’t trust the living anymore.

Well, damn. Was thought bitterly, and slowly, she counted out the seconds: one thousand one, one thousand two, until she’d clicked off a good two minutes. There was no sound aside from the soft wind and the wild hammering of her heart. When she could stand the tension no longer, she peeked around the corner, but was mortified to see that they were still there. No matter. “Are you alone?” She called. Loud enough to be heard, but low enough not to attract attention from anything within four yards. “Have you been bit? Scratched?”